Tour Mamalluca Observatory
Astronomy tour
Duration: aprox. 4 hrs at night


We will pick you up at your hotel or hostel about 7.00 h p.m.

Then we will take the "ruta 41" to Vicuña. In Vicuña we ascend to the observatory Mamalluca. First you can enjoy a beautiful sunset with a spectacular view over the mountains. You can also see the scientifc observatories of Tololo and Gemini.

Between 21.00 h and 22.00 h starts the astronomy tour, in spanish or in english.

The guides will show you a multimedia-presentation and explain what exactly you are going to observe in this night. We got here the planet's purest skies!

Then you can use the various telescopes and you can take a look at the miracles of our night skies. The guides will explain everything you might want to know.

The tour takes about 2 hrs, the ride from and to La Serena will also take aprox. 2 hours.

Price: Chilean Pesos. $ 22.000 p.p.

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All prices have been calculated for a minimum of 2 participants.





Observatory Mamalluca

Caminos rurales


*All fotos of stars and constellations are properties of "NOAO/AURA/NSF"