Tour Fray Jorge National Park and Valle de Encanto ("Enchanted Valley")
Archaeological and ecological tour 
Duration: 1 day 

Parque Nacional Fray Jorge y Valle de Encanto

From La Serena we head south in direction of Ovalle. After 35 km we reach the „Monumento Arqueológico - Valle del Encanto“, a valley where we can find a lot of "Petroglifos" (stone paintings). This place has been used for religious ceremonies 4000 years ago until the 7th century. 

We can have lunch here in the "Valle del Encanto" or continue along the coastline to the National Park "Fray Jorge". In this park exists kind of rain forest with plants normally only found in the south of Chile. This forest has another specialty: situated in the middle of desert land, it gets its water only by the fog arising from the sea - the fog sticks to the plants and later on falls down to the ground as rain.
During the trip you might watch foxes or guanakos.

If you want we can also stop at Tongoy, a small fishermen village at the coast on the way back.



Price: Chilean Pesos $ 38.000 p.p.

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Enchanted Valley

Valle de Encanto

rainforest in the desert

Rainforest in the desert

on the way

on the way

Fray Jorge

Fray Jorge