Astronomy Tour
Observatories Tololo or La Silla
Duration: 1 day (only Saturday)

Observatories Tololo and La Silla

Both observatories are operated scientifically. They are open all Saturdays for visitors. But - unlike many tourists think - stars can not be watched at these observarories!

You will get the opportunity to watch the technical equipment and telescopes of a modern observatory. Besides of that you have a phantastic view from there.

For the visit you will need a permit which you can either obtain yourself or let me doing that for you.

The Inter- American observatory „Tololo“ is situated in the Elqui Valley at abt. 2.200 m. It´s big domes are at the "Cerro Tololo", aprox. 90 km from La Serena.

The also impressing European observatory "La Silla" (abt. 160 km north from La Serena) lies in an half-desert at abt. 2.400 m.

Price Tololo: Chil.Pesos $ 28.000 p.p.
Price La Silla: Chil.Pesos $ 36.0000 p.p.

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