Tour between Chile and Argentina
Agua Negra Pass, National parks Talampaya and Ischigualasto (Valle de la Luna) Argentina
Duration: 4 days or more

Pass Agua Negra

On the other side of the Andes in Argentina, there are two national parks located near each other. One is called "Talamapaya" and the other "Ischigualasto". The Talampaya (which means "dry river and trees) is a dry riverbed that was digged into a rock massif over thousands of years. Wind and rain gave the tall walls of the canyon a bizarre look. The same canyon was a place where the native people used to live. A lot of petroglifs (rock carvings) left behind by the indigenous can still be seen. The tours here are made in minivans and accompanied by well trained park rangers.

The Ischigualasto national park (well known as the "Argentine" Valle de la Luna) is located 80km south of the Talampaya Park. On a 40km roundtrip in our own car, we will go to visit impressive rock formations and breathtaking canyons. Millions of years ago, when not even the Andean mountain range existed, dinosaurs have been living in this region. Lots of fossils have been found here and can be visited in a museum at the park entry. On the roundtrip we can see rock formations called “the mushroom”, “the submarine” or “the sphinx”. Other places in this park, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2000, are the “painted valley” a colour full depression, or the “bocha field”, countless perfectly round stone balls that have been created by earth motion.

There are different ways to do this tour. For example with start in La Serena and end in San Juan, Argentina or as well back to Chile again. Also for the overnight stays there are different choices, either in hotels or on campgrounds in the national parks. You should plan at least for four days.

Contact me, so we can work out together a program for you!

This tour can be offered only from December to April, the rest of the year the pass is closed.

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